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Matt Mattus mmattus@charter.net
Mon, 29 Aug 2011 18:58:14 PDT
Here in Central Massachusetts, the Cyclamen hederifolium are starting to
bloom in the garden, but no growth on the greenhouse Cyclamen yet - with
cooler temperatures expected at night this week, I expect that they will
begin shortly.

Acis autumnalis in the alpine bed looked stunning, this evening.
Galtonia candicans just finishing in the perennial border
A clump of Agapanthus 'Storm Cloud' that I divided four years ago, and
planted a few in the front garden, is up again and budded - remember, I am
in Zone 5.

In containers, I have:

Nerine falcata in bud and opening, it finally split and divided this year,
so I thought that it would skip a year, but smaller than average bud has

Nerine massonorium ( about 1/3rd the amount of flowers as compared to last

Zephyrathes candida, like everyone else. A small pot that I abuse, but it
still blooms like crazy.

Agapanthus inapertus - this always blooms late in the season for me. The
flowers are so dark, that I can rarely photograph them correctly.

Tulbaghia violacea just finishing, I isolated all of the white-blooming
seedlings into containers of their own.
Some Velthiemia bracteata are starting to show green leaves.
The Acis autumnalis in the alpine bed looked stunning, this evening.
Galtonia candicans just finishing in the perennial border, I may cut them
down this weekend.

As for Lycoris? No luck. I am quite jealous of everyone else...I planted 50
Lycoris shared by a friend in Kansas, but not one came up. Large, healthy
bulbs too. I tried planting in more protected areas near the foundation of
the greenhouse, but the heavy winter snows may have been too wet this past
winter. At one point, they snow was taller than I was in this spot since it
slid off of the greenhouse.

I started the autumnal watering cycle with my Nerine sarniensis in the
greenhouse today, a week early, for two reasons. 1. We are expecting cold
nights starting tonight ( after the Hurricane) and 2. I am hosting a NARGS
cocktail party at the end of September, and thought that I might force them
to bloom early.

The Brunsvigia species, which have been upgraded to large 40" diameter tubs,
were moved outdoors to take advantage of the hurricane rains. Maybe they
will bloom for the NARGS event too! The bulbs are very large this year after
the upgrade. 

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA

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