Lycoris Season yet?

Matt Mattus
Tue, 09 Aug 2011 04:02:14 PDT
I am attempting to grow Lycoris in my zone 5 Massachusetts garden, for the
first time this year. Last year I was gifted with 50 bulbs which I planted
along the greenhouse where there is a raised bed. I felt that this might be
a more protected area from frosts. After last winter's snow ( 5 feet by mid
January, and higher where they were planted because it slid off of the
greenhouse roof), I don't know how well they survived.

No sign of new growth yet,but I repotted Cyclamen species yesterday and they
are still all dormant ( sans one) and last year they were all budded by this

Matt Mattus
Zone 5
Worcester, MA

On 8/8/11 9:21 PM, "Kelly Irvin" <> wrote:

> Jim in Kansas City:
>> Have your Lycoris started to bloom yet?
> Nothing here, yet, either. Very late. We've been totally dry for July
> and August with temperatures up to 106°F in the shade. Might get a
> decent rain tonight after getting about 1/16" today. I drip irrigated
> last week, but still nothing.
> --Kelly
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