Lycoris Season yet?

James Waddick
Tue, 09 Aug 2011 07:05:03 PDT
>Jim in Kansas City:
>Have your Lycoris started to bloom yet?

Dear Boyce and all,
	Sorry for this late reply a combo of cable outage and busy-ness.

	Yes and NO.

	We've had record heat and high humidity, but almost no rain. 
I firmly belive that Lycoris bloom is initiated by rainfall. We have 
suffered through drought even as the nearby MO river has been 
flooding. Too much of both hot and wet, just not together.

	Anyway last week two small clumps of L. longituba sent up 
flower stems. One in sun and one in shade. Neither has had any 
supplemental water in weeks. Both look normal for flower number and 
stem height.  But only 2 small clumps.

	BUT longituba is usually NOT the first to bloom. The first is 
usually L. sanguinea and no sign there. Then L. squamigera comes 
slightly before longituba.

	My cable outage was due to a sudden severe storm and an inch 
of rain. That was Sunday. I fully expect to see flowering stems 
coming up today or tomorrow. I'll report back then.

	I have been hearing of various Lycoris blooming from Alabama 
north in the last week to 10 days.

	It sure should be Lycoris season and if you've had plenty of 
rain you might be in for bonanza.

		Best to all.		Jim
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