Lycoris Season yet?
Tue, 09 Aug 2011 07:24:27 PDT
The lycoris are all blooming here in my Cincinnati garden. I have them planted in several different spots and they're all in bloom. We've had alternating dry and wet periods this season.
Bill Lee

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o sign of lycoris in SE Michigan yet  I've been checking every morning to see 
f they are breaking through the stones.  Mine are at the front of the cactus 
ed where they get full rainfall.  We had a month that was quite dry when I gave 
hem supplemental water with the cactus during growing season and then we've had 
 reasonable amount of rain for the past month.  
hil Andrews
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 Subject: [pbs] Lycoris Season yet?
 Jim in Kansas City:
 Have your Lycoris started to bloom yet?
 The Chicago region has been inundated with rain/storms this summer with a
 lot of heat and humidity.  I am anxiously (impatiently) watching for the
 first Lycoris spikes.  Discussions in previous years had suggested the
 sometime sporadic flower spike production was linked to low soil moisture -
 which is certainly not an issue this year.
 Many thanks,
 Boyce Tankersley
 Chicago Botanic Garden
 USDA zone 5
 Illinois, USA
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