Trip to Brazil

Jane McGary
Sat, 06 Aug 2011 10:57:41 PDT
Dear Shelley,

Your trip to Brazil sounds wonderful too. Do you correspond with 
Alberto Castillo? He knows a great deal about the amaryllids of 
Brazil, especially the plains area. A local guide will help you, of course.

Be sure to consult your doctor about immunizations before you go. 
There are some serious diseases endemic to southern Brazil -- one 
reason I've avoided it so far, even though it contains Alstroemeria 
species, my special interest. (Also I don't speak Portuguese though I 
can read it.)

As I was making up our party for Chile, two people in a row had to 
cancel because of family illness, but we now have a carful again. My 
task for the coming week is to prepare the itinerary, get it 
approved, and make hotel reservations. Fortunately I've stayed in 
most of the towns where we'll be stopping and know which hotels to contact.

Someday I hope to visit Queensland, particularly to see the birds. I 
spent 3 weeks in southern Australia, including Tasmania, a few years 
ago and enjoyed the birds perhaps even more than the plants. I'll 
probably sign up for a package tour rather than driving myself. 
However, if you know anyone who might be interested, I've often 
thought it would be nice to exchange private "guided tours" with 
people from other countries who would like to see our western 
American mountains -- especially given the anxiety of switching 
driving from left to right and vice versa. I drove myself around New 
Zealand and the part of Australia I visited, but I didn't enjoy that 
part of it!

Have a great time,
Jane McGary

At 07:02 PM 8/5/2011, you wrote:
>Dear Jane,
>I have had to let the trip in Chile go because I have to be back in 
>Queensland by beginning of October. I have almost organised a guided 
>trip in Brazil for the first two weeks of September starting at Sao 
>Paulo Airport hoping to see a number of amaryllids in flower. There 
>is space for one or two others if anyone is interested. I have a 
>probable itinerary which we are working on.
>Shelley Gage Australia
>On 06/08/11, Jane McGary <> wrote:
> >
> > Kathleen wrote,
> > >Can anyone tell me about Lobelia tupa? Mine had one stalk for 2-3
> > >years, flowering late each summer. This year there are 5 plants, all
> > >about 3-5 ft from the original. I'm trying to decide if these are
> > >seedlings or shoots from underground runners.
> >
> > My Chilean native plants for the garden book mentions propagating
> > this species only from seed, not from root cuttings. In nature one
> > sees this species as a single clumping plant or as a colony, but I
> > don't know if the colonies are formed by seed or stolons. Seedlings
> > should be noticeably smaller than the parent plant, which when mature
> > can have a stalk up to 2 meters tall or even more. However, when I
> > grew it in the Pacific Northwest, it never got that tall.
> >
> > Jane McGary
> > Portland, Oregon, USA
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