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Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sat, 06 Aug 2011 07:26:59 PDT

I'd just like to remind you all that the reason that Ellen was kind 
enough to offer to do the PBS Market Place was because this list is 
an educational list hosted by ibiblio.org and one of the requirements 
is that it not be commercial. If every time someone added something 
to the PBS Market Place, it was announced to the group, it would 
defeat the purpose. It would be up to Ellen to decide if she wanted 
to start a list of people who wanted to be notified if there were 
changes to the page and let them know. But that would be extra work 
for her. David Pilling might also help her figure out how to add a 
feed like he did for the wiki where every day you can look at a new bulb.
The easiest solution is for people who are interested in this extra 
service to bookmark it and check it for changes. I have the wikifeed 
added to my Browser bar where it is easy to check.

There are probably many of us who choose to send our excess seed and 
bulbs to the BX or just swap privately with friends we've made on 
this list. It's a lot of work to package everything up and Dell does 
an outstanding job. You get a credit for what it costs you to mail to 
the BX which you can use to get something else. So it's like a swap 
service with less work.

As for the comments from the Southern Hemisphere, it's always going 
to be tricky to send things out of the country you live in since it 
involves learning what it required in each country. But that is up to 
the people involved to figure out. We have subscribers to our list 
from Southern Hemisphere countries who could trade with each other. 
The majority of members of this list are lurkers. We have subscribers 
from all over the world so it is possible that someone from the same 
country could request something on the exchange.  And seed can be 
kept until the right time to plant. Most of us do that already. Seed 
exchanges (besides our BX) often deliver seed at the wrong time.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator

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