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The Silent Seed
Sat, 06 Aug 2011 06:40:01 PDT
I've made similar suggestions, but was discouraged from doing so. 
I agree, if we could let people know that there IS any activity there, it would become more active. 
Perhaps not individually, but if the person maintaining the list, could simply shoot out an email each week, saying "We have 2 new additions" or something like that, it would generate a lot more interest. It's too easy to forget about something without a reminder of its existence. 
That said, time to put some more things up there. 
Thanks much, Jude

I would like make some information about the market place as I would like to 
utilise it at some stage.
How much effort does it take to maintain the site if no one is using it, it 
would seem that there would be no work actually involved if nothing is being 
listed. Please let me know if I am mistaken along with the rest of us, of course 
if there is work involved and no-one is using it then that would be very 
dis-heartening and I will make an effort to get something on there.
Can we send a message to this group ie "I have just listed some seeds or plants 
on the PBS market place" and if we are can we give a more detailed listing of 
the actual plants/seeds without reference to prices etc
For anyone on facebook I have a page to start showcasing the bulbs I have in my 
collection and update it when I have something that flowers and I hope to add a 
lot more to it this coming year, if you would like to look I am "Bay Bulbs"

Kind Regards and Best Wishes Ron Redding Hervey Bay Australia

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> Subject: [pbs] re market place
> Unfortunately it is winter down under, so it wouldn't be until our 
> summer before there was anything to sell. At least that is how it 
> affects me. It would be seed and seed is only in summer.
> How do other members feel about it from down under?
> Otherwise it would be basically a US market place.
> Ina Crossley
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