Lycoris Season yet?

James Waddick
Wed, 10 Aug 2011 20:52:13 PDT
>  >  I fully expect to see flowering stems
>>coming up today or tomorrow. I'll report back then.
>Dear Friends,
>	I wrote too soon.
>	A quick survey came up with hundreds of bloom stalks emerging
>from 1/2 inch to 2 inches. Mostly all squamigera, but a couple others.

Dear Friends,
	Amazing what an inch of rain can pull from the ground.
	Now 2 days after seeing nothing I have stalks emerging from 
L. squamigera, L. sprengeri. L. chinensis. L. longituba and some of 
their hybrids. These range from just poking out of the ground and up 
many in the 4 to 8 inch range and one clump of L. squamigera probably 
to bloom tomorrow and join the earliest L. longituba.

	Still no sign of L. sanguinea	More rain equals more 
Lycoris.		Best	Jim
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