Problem with bulb offer

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 10 Aug 2011 20:06:19 PDT
Hi Paul,

This was discussed on the list in April.…

Look for the subject Haemanthus D. and Haemanthus crispus.  Diana 
Chapman posted the troubles she had with him. She wanted to warn 
everyone. Our list generates a lot of posts and I'm sure most people 
don't look at all of them and you may have missed her post.…
Although she did not include his last name, when Kipp responded to 
her he used the word Keller and included her message so if you search 
for Warren Keller pbs list on Google you will find his post and hers.

It appears that Warren got so many responses to his offer that he 
didn't respond to all of them. Those people who did not hear back 
from him were the lucky ones. An additional sad thing about this was 
that so many people on this list were helpful to Warren when he had 
questions and offered to help him obtain items he was looking for.

Both Jim Waddick and I wrote to him privately. Our notes were kinder 
than he deserved. He never responded to mine, but continued to send 
unpleasant inflammatory messages to the list after I decided to 
moderate his posts. None of them were approved. He is no longer a 
member of the list.

Mary Sue
>Pity noone called this to the groups attention earlier.

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