what's flowering this week

Kathleen Sayce ksayce@willapabay.org
Fri, 05 Aug 2011 10:46:29 PDT
I came home from a week away to find Crinum xpowellii in flower, and no sign yet of Amaryllis belladonna flowering shoots, which went dormant about 2 weeks ago. 
About half the lilies are flowering. Brodiaea Queen Fabiola has the last flowers open. Allium beesianum is still in flower; it was just starting when I left last week. 

Can anyone tell me about Lobelia tupa? Mine had one stalk for 2-3 years, flowering late each summer. This year there are 5 plants, all about 3-5 ft from the original. I'm trying to decide if these are seedlings or shoots from underground runners. 

My Scilla peruviana looked pretty good when I left, but the slugs found it during the week. Argh. I'm moving it to a wetter spot where I grow and protect other plants from slugs, which I hope it will like much better. 

PNW coast

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