Michael Homick michaelhomick@gmail.com
Thu, 04 Aug 2011 17:06:49 PDT
I just noticed in the garden that the xAmarygia are starting to push buds
through the ground and it got me to pondering a question. The cross was
between a *Brunsvigia josephinae *and *Amaryllis belladonna.* Other than
flower color variation the form is very uniform between all the plants
growing here. (20+ clones) I am sure that we are growing F3, F4 or further
generations from the original crosses. Did the F2 or later generations ever
exhibit more of the *Brunsvigia* form? If not why would the
*Brunsvigia*genes not express themselves more in some of the progeny
of future
generations? Has backcrossing to *Brunsvigia* been attempted? Time to do
some reading of back issues of Herbertia and other periodicals as well as
PBS archive searching.
All the best, Michael Homick
Stevinson, (Central Valley), California

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