PBS on Facebook

Laura & Dave toadlily@olywa.net
Mon, 01 Aug 2011 11:06:17 PDT
   One more piece of the FaceBook puzzle.  My wife, an avid photographer, has 
pointed out that all pictures posted to FB become their property (copyright).  
FB says that they don't really mean it, but it is in their agreements.  Hence, 
my wife's pictures are presented on Flicker, which does not make any such 
claim.  Using a link on FB, to other web pages such as Flicker, would avoid this 
   I'm not a fan of FB, but for other reasons.  Using it to foster awareness of 
the PBS seems reasonable, even to the point of having regularly updated content; 
but finding someone with the time and adequate expertise I fear will be the hard 

Dave Brastow
Tumwater, Washington

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