James Waddick
Mon, 01 Aug 2011 08:57:02 PDT
How about a message about bulbs for a change?

	I recently got a new catalog from the Lily Garden in Washington State.

	I was surprised to see they now sell Crocosmia. As some 
attentive readers may recall I have been newly enthusiastic about 
these hardy cultivars.

	Among their offerings are some new names. I am particularly 
interested in "Skylight" with blooms on 5 ft stems. Wow. Anyone grow 
this one yet and any comments?

	I also like 'Van Noorts Giants' a tall mix with large flowers.

	And is 'Yellow Lucifer' really as good as its namesake or a poor copy?

	As I have said before, it took a while to figure out what 
Crocosmia needed here, but now that I have some success after too 
many failures, I am a big fan.

	All are done here except 'Distant Planet' in a shady site.

	Appreciate any replies with your own experience. 
	Best		Jim W.
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