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J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Sun, 28 Aug 2011 11:13:09 PDT
We have several more pots of Cyrtanthus montanus coming into bloom.  There 
is our  only Cyrtanthus labiatus in bloom as well; its flowers are not 
typical labiatus, so it might be a hybrid of labiatus x something else.

Rhodophiala bifida (triploid ex hort) is starting to bloom.  These are all 
in pots, as they only last through a couple of winters at most here in the 

A dwarf Hymenocallis ex Nayarit is in bloom for the first time.  The first 
flower opened somewhat distorted; maybe the other buds will open 
better.  This should have bloomed in May if it were nayaritiana.   So it 
may not be H. nayaritiana, as the foliage does not look petiolate to 
me.  The flower seems to be sessile, and I can't tell whether the tube is 
curved or not.  It looks a little too big to be nayaritiana to me, but I 
lost my only bulb of true nayaritiana years ago.

Lycoris caldwellii is in bloom, and a picture is in today's blog at:
http://shieldsgardens.com/Blogs/Garden/…    (scroll down to 
near the end of today's entry).  Two Chinese hybrids, 'Hill Beyond Hill' 
and 'Sky Over Sky' are sending up scapes.

Jim Shields

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