Allium species - ID suggestions?

Tom Mitchell
Sun, 28 Aug 2011 12:46:24 PDT

Thanks so much for your diagnosis and the links to the relevant papers and illustrations. Very much appreciated. Of course I'll happily send you seed - let me have your address privately. To the others who have contacted me requesting seed, I will make a note of the requests but it will be at least six weeks before it is ripe. I have a notoriously goldfish-like brain, so please remind me if nothing has arrived by late October.

Best wishes,


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> Tom Mitchell <> wrote:
>> I've added a couple of images to the Wiki of an Allium species that I 
>> collected a few years ago in Istria, northern Croatia. >It is 
>> flowering now in cultivation in the UK. It's an easy, very floriferous 
>> species, growing to about 20cm in height and >spreads slowly. I should 
>> have a ton of seed later in the year if anyone is interested and will 
>> send some to Dell for the BX >anyway. Any suggestions as to the 
>> species?
> Tom, your lovely allium is A. incensiodorum, a species endemic to 
> Croatia described in 1989 by Jure Radi?.
> There were a number of studies on the closely related group of 
> rhizomatous Allium in Europe and Asia over the last 20 years, the most 
> important being: "Taxonomy, chorology and evolution of Allium 
> lusitanicum - the European "A. senescens", by Nikolai Friesen & N. 
> Herrmann, 1998.  Basically, this publication demarks the difference 
> between what is regarded as true A. senescens (a species purely of 
> Asia), and the European counterparts (previously A. senescens ssp. 
> montanum, moved to a reinstated older name of A. lusitanicum), and 
> further delimitation as other species.
> Some links:
> Allium incensiodorum published by Jure Radi? in 1989, endemic to 
> Croatia, fine photo... watch the URL, it may word-wrap.
> "Taxonomy, chorology and evolution of Allium lusitanicum - the European 
> "A. senescens", by Nikolai Friesen & N. Herrmann, 1998. I have an 
> original color copy of this document, sorry that this link is to a very 
> poor quality scanned black & white version:
> A number of alliums pictured here, I used Google Translate to translate 
> Danish to English.  This is a long URL that'll wrap, copy and paste the 
> whole thing into your browser:
> And YES Please, I would dearly love to try some seed of this plant from 
> known provenance, I'll write to you privately about it.
> Regards,
> Mark McDonough
> The Onion man ;-)
> in Massachusetts, near the New Hampshire border,
> USDA Zone 5

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