Kniphofia Traffic Lights

David Fenwick
Sun, 18 Dec 2011 01:29:23 PST
>>>>As the second one has yellow flowers it is obviously not a "Traffic 
>>>>Light" one, so looked up TL and I think that one is actually a "Fire 
>>>>Dance" one.  Have still not found a name for the yellow one, which is 
>>>>similar to my first one, but altogether more dainty in appearance.  And 
>>>>with yellow flowers.

Dear Ina,
I don't know why it's obviously not a 'Traffic Light' as the image appears 
the same as what I've grown as Kniphofia hirsuta 'Traffic Light'. In my 
opinion the red, orange and yellow zonations aren't that distinct.

Regarding the yellow, more problematic I'm afraid, it's a youngster and may 
look slightly different when more established. There are many yellows, it 
could be a hybrid local to your part of the world, or from afar, it could be 
a seedling grown from imported seed and thus may not have a name at all. It 
looks similar to a small 'Sunningdale Yellow' with narrower leaves.

I'm wondering if NZ Kniphofia are grow from micropropagated plants, have 
seen narrower leaves on what I thought were microproped plants before. Can 
anyone shed any light on this ?

I think the important thing is that you enjoy it, there's a huge problem in 
horticulture and gardening circles that we always try and give things names 
when often it's not appropriate or neccessary. Names are so easily adopted 
this often leads to confusion. My advice would be if you like it grow it and 
if you don't find a neighbour that does.

Best Wishes,
Dave Fenwick (Penzance, UK)

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