Kniphofia Traffic Lights

Ina Crossley
Sun, 18 Dec 2011 02:07:02 PST
Thanks David.  I will say from here on that it possibly could be a 
Sunningdale yellow and leave it at that.  Roland also suggested it may 
be that one.  The leaves are quite stiff, unlike most of the Kniphofias 
I had come across before.  The "Traffic Lights" one more so than the 
yellow one.

And yes, I do like both.  They are compact and problem free so far.  I 
tried various Kniphofias, but eventually decided they were not worth the 
bother, multiplied like mad and the clumps got too big for my relatively 
small garden.

I do also have the brown flowered one but it has not flowered yet.

Ina  Crossley

In chilly Auckland.  One day we are sweltering, next day it is back to 
winter gear.

On 18/12/2011 10:29 p.m., David Fenwick wrote:
> I'm wondering if NZ Kniphofia are grow from micropropagated plants, have
> seen narrower leaves on what I thought were microproped plants before. Can
> anyone shed any light on this ?
> I think the important thing is that you enjoy it, there's a huge problem in
> horticulture and gardening circles that we always try and give things names
> when often it's not appropriate or neccessary. Names are so easily adopted
> this often leads to confusion. My advice would be if you like it grow it and
> if you don't find a neighbour that does.
> Best Wishes,
> Dave Fenwick (Penzance, UK)

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