What's blooming week of Nov 27th

John Grimshaw j.grimshaw@virgin.net
Sat, 03 Dec 2011 01:33:47 PST
>On 1 December Andrew wrote: "Looks as though you had plenty to see at 
>H[untington] B[otanical] G[arden]. The 'weedy' Moraea looks like M. 
>polystachya. Weedy or not, I like it.<

The only time I've visited the Huntington BG/museum was in March 1986. I was 
18 and it was the first garden outside the UK I had ever visited - I was 
impressed. In the gardens were ripe capsules of an irid with blue flowers 
and I couldn't resist helping myself to a pinch of seed. Eventually the 
seedlings flowered and I worked out it was Moraea polystachya.

This week, visiting my parents, I found it flowering prolifically in the 
greenhouse there - a happy memory of a sunny Californian day 25 years ago. 
What is interesting though, is that it has never set seed in our dismal 
winters - the flowers get botrytis as they fade - so the plants flowering 
now are clonally the same as the original seedlings.

It eventually escaped into the open garden, presumably as cormlets in spent 
compost, and a few plants have made it to flowering there. I'm not sure what 
the current situation is & whether any have survived the recent run of hard 
winters. Must look next time I'm there in some sort of daylight.

John Grimshaw

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