mouldy potting mix was Stagonospora

Ina Crossley
Sun, 11 Dec 2011 17:39:55 PST
The potting mix people gave me some vouchers.   The guy I was talking 
with on the phone, said he only worked there, had no say in the make up 
of the mix, in other words he got the flack and could do nothing about 
it except pass on any complaints.  He also said there already had been 
"a few" complaints.  And as I pointed out, for everyone who complained 
there would be another 10 who didn't.

So actually complain the potting mix people, not the shop where you 
bought it.

Incidentally I also mentioned my complaint to the shop where I bought 
it.  As David says, he had been using this brand for years, as had I.

The phone guy then mentioned that I could always buy their premium mix.  
These are the people who always had one mix and that one top notch.  Now 
there is so called cheap (not really) and premium.


On 12/12/2011 2:20 p.m., David Ehrlich wrote:
>    The
> dealer also graciously replaced my bulbs.

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