mouldy potting mix was Stagonospora

David Ehrlich
Sun, 11 Dec 2011 17:20:55 PST
Ina Crossley wrote:
... when using one brand of potting mix for planting 2 recently 
acquired Hippeastrum bulbs actually in pots, after a few days the soil 
developed mould which took no time to move to the bulbs.

I had a similar experience:  I had been using a particular brand of potting mix 
with great success for years.  Then suddnely I noticed the pots were beginning 
to sprout mould after a week or so.  And I noticed the mix was turning mouldy in 
the original sack.  The nursery accepted my returned bag and gave me a new one.  
Same result.  I complained to the nursery.  They told me that the company had 
changed their formulation.  I told them that they should let the producer know 
that their new formulation turns mouldy.  I never bought that brand again.  The 
dealer also graciously replaced my bulbs.

David E.

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