Stagonospora Curtisii help

Ina Crossley
Sun, 11 Dec 2011 16:38:37 PST
I've found that wet and cold will trigger it.  Also I have been using 
cinnamon for a couple of years now, and each year as the fresh growth 
starts, it is healthier.  This is out in the garden.

Also when using one brand of potting mix for planting 2 recently 
acquired Hippeastrum bulbs actually in pots, after a few days the soil 
developed mould which took no time to move to the bulbs.  So I soaked 
them in a solution of 5% bleach (household bleach) for an hour or so.  
Planted them in fresh mix and they are fine.

I must say I phoned the potting mix company and told them what I thought 
of their mix, nor will I use it again.

Now I am waiting to be shot down in flames about cinnamon......

Ina Crossley

In Auckland on a blustery spring day, after having made an actual bulb 
garden over the last few days, for my Amarylids and am now wondering 
what I can add for winter interest.

On 12/12/2011 1:20 p.m., J.E. Shields wrote:
> We've had bouts of Stagnospora off and on over the years.

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