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Fri, 30 Dec 2011 17:19:15 PST
I love these topics, u guys have some fascinating ideas !
  I take a more biological approach, I believe I'n the natural biodiversity of bacteria I'n combination with sensible watering works every time. The survival of the fittest can't be a bad thing can it now....... : ).    I grow all seedlings on weld mesh & use a standard seed raising mixture of --- course natural riverbank sand, or if I need  a sterile mix, tumbled crushed mountain quatzite  --- with washed perlite, to remove the excess dust &  high quality peat, I like European or NZ Peat, I don't like coconut fibre peat unless I have to, but if I do I condition it by puting it I'n an old claw foot bath tub & let it rince I'n the rain for a few months or more.  I start all seeds I'n a small 70 % woven shade cloth house, I'n excellent breeze area the house is covered I'n lichen further dappling the sunlight. 

I never sterilize pots or mixture & have vertually zero dampening off, I believe the correct mixture howses a more faverable environment for beneficial bacterias & 

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> I'm curious to know  how other seed sowers handle the problem of  damping off.
> It would be interesting to hear  others cultural practices.
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