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Fri, 30 Dec 2011 17:29:42 PST
O I bumped the go button buyer before I finished that reply, don't u hate that, any way I was saying------
I never sterilize pots or mixture & have vertually zero dampening off, I believe the correct mixture houses a more faverable environment for beneficial bacterias, than bad.... But I'n a dire emergency I will act quickly, if it's something wort saving & will apply systemic fungicide, Funga Rid is very good with dampening off I'n seedlings.
I might add I haven't needed to use any chemicals with my current growIng methods, even I'n cool damp seasons or endless mountain rains & high humidity I'n summer.

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> I'm curious to know  how other seed sowers handle the problem of  
> damping off.
> I use  a high content of pumice in my mix  so that  the mix dries out  
> relatively quickly.    I also have sterilized the soil, but ,  
> unfortunately,  besides killing pathogens, it also kills beneficial  
> bacteria.
> All seed containers are soaked in a Sodium hypochlorite / H2O  
> solution  before being used.
> Here in the Pacific Northwest, even under cover, a seed pan can stay  
> moist  for a long time, which can be a problem.  Even with the ends of  
> a tunnel left open for  circulation, the air is full of moisture.
> I used to be a greenhouse grower, so have  had a bit of Benlate  
> left.... when all else fails.
> It would be interesting to hear  others cultural practices.
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