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Mark and others, 

 Multiflorum seems common and a little bit variable across its broad range. The Caucasus forms are the most variable, but I have only 2. From France eastward to Hungary I have about 16 forms due to the generosity and kindness of a friend. The one area I would like to see it most is from Sicily. Those plants were considered a distinct species for a while.

 "Ramosissimum" is strange in being self-fertile whereas the typical multiflorum is not. Not sure if the seedlings come true. "Multifide" is the same plant -- I have them both.

 Send me an image of the Chinese plant; that's where all the excitement is!


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I have multiflorum wild and very common in my woods here. Odoratum I have collected from the Mont Ventoux and can collect more if you like next spring? I also grow that oddity P.multiflorum 'Ramosissimum'. And a few other species. One is an unidentified chinese climbing verticillate species that I would love to be identified.
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