Jim McKenney
Wed, 07 Dec 2011 13:15:04 PST
Michael, you're a mind reader! I was going to post on Erythronium bulbs in response to Carol's query about storing bulbs. 

If they're dead, they're dead.'s something which might help next time. Instead of rehydrating at 68 degrees F, try rehydrating them at say 40 degrees F. I don't know what the optimum temperature is, but I do know from recent experience that Erythronium bulbs received dry and promptly stored moist at low temperatures  above freezing soon began to from roots - and once you have root growth you almost certainly will get an above ground plant eventually. 

In the past I tried the method you did - I rehydrated them upon receipt and then kept them at room temperature. Nothing good happened. 

Warm, moist conditions seem to be an invitation to disaster with many plants in this genus as long as they are dormant. Keep them cool to initiate growth. 

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