Importing Small Lots of Seed

Adam Fikso
Mon, 24 Jan 2011 10:31:36 PST
Now this is important information, perhaps the most important so far-- in 
this troublesome area or regulation on top of regulation as presented in 
this forum.

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> Bill wrote:
>>> groups like this when organized can contact the Secretary of Agriculture
> directly with requests, recommendations and (most often) complaints.
> Lee wrote:
>>>Many people, spearheaded by Joyce Fingerut of NARGS, as Jim W. pointed 
> spent a lot of effort writing, emailing, and calling the USDA
> We've discussed this issue a few times before, but I just wanted to
> underline something.  Here we have an official of the US government saying
> that they're open to suggestions from us, and we've got Lee recapping a 
> case
> in which those suggestions worked.  I've talked with Joyce, and she has
> several other examples where she was able to make a difference.
> It's really easy to feel helpless and cynical when dealing with a big
> government bureaucracy, but sometimes it does work.  I'd like to ask the
> members of this list -- especially the Americans and the folks overseas 
> who
> ship to the US -- to suspend disbelief when issues like this come up in 
> the
> future.
> When the new regulations on plant imports are announced, I'm sure there 
> will
> be an opportunity for us to help fine-tune the rules to accommodate our
> needs.  And in the meantime, I think it would be *great* to see if we can
> get something similar to the small lots of seed program applied to small
> quantities of dry bulbs.  I'm interested in pursuing that. Is anyone else
> interested?
> Mike
> PS:  Thanks, Lee, for the excellent history.
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