Importing Small Lots of Seed - Thanks

William Aley
Sun, 23 Jan 2011 15:27:09 PST
Thanks Robin,
In all honesty we do realize that the import system is not reflective  
of the modern processes. That being said we can not petition congress  
for change. We can amend the CFRs, and that is a very long process.  
The US system is great for transparency but can get bogged down with  
the need to appease as much of the population as possible. Public  
disclosure, forums & feedback help to keep us on track but this takes  
time and there is the ever looming problem that government needs to be  
smaller. Thus international agreements and making our regulations  
comparable to other countries becomes a slower process.

For the plants for planting universe there are changes in the works.  
Some groups want to totally ban plant imports for reasons of fear to  
environmental pollution of the N. American biomes. 
  Where others think the government is too restrictive and all imports  
should be at the discretion of the individual. We try to find a balance.
As I mentioned before the Hatch Act prohibits government employees  
from advocating change to elected official. But groups like this when  
organized can contact the Secretary of Agriculture directly with  
requests, recommendations and (most often) complaints. We do listen  
and try to find a balance and we try to help as much as we can within  
the limits of the CFR.

For more information go to the PPQ website to be included in the  
stakeholder registry
there are a couple of presentations that may be useful too.
UNITED STATES of AMERICA (716Kb) - Regulations Affecting Seed ...

New information is added to the website from the NAPPRA rule (… 
) to Federal Orders that are the precursor to changing the CFR:…

I do hope this helps.

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