Importing Small Lots of Seed - Thanks

Robin Carrier
Sun, 23 Jan 2011 17:11:37 PST
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> Thanks Robin,
> In all honesty we do realize that the import system is not reflective  of 
> the modern processes. That being said we can not petition congress  for 
> change. We can amend the CFRs, and that is a very long process.  The US 
> system is great for transparency but can get bogged down with  the need to 
> appease as much of the population as possible. Public  disclosure, forums 
> & feedback help to keep us on track but this takes  time and there is the 
> ever looming problem that government needs to be  smaller. Thus 
> international agreements and making our regulations  comparable to other 
> countries becomes a slower process.
> For the plants for planting universe there are changes in the works.  Some 
> groups want to totally ban plant imports for reasons of fear to 
> environmental pollution of the N. American biomes. 
> Where others think the 
> government is too restrictive and all imports  should be at the discretion 
> of the individual. We try to find a balance.
> As I mentioned before the Hatch Act prohibits government employees  from 
> advocating change to elected official. But groups like this when 
> organized can contact the Secretary of Agriculture directly with 
> requests, recommendations and (most often) complaints. We do listen  and 
> try to find a balance and we try to help as much as we can within  the 
> limits of the CFR.
> For more information go to the PPQ website to be included in the 
> stakeholder registry
> there are a couple of presentations that may be useful too.
> UNITED STATES of AMERICA (716Kb) - Regulations Affecting Seed ...
> New information is added to the website from the NAPPRA rule 
> (… 
>  ) to Federal Orders that are the precursor to changing the CFR:
> I do hope this helps.
> Bill
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