blooming now - in the greenhouse.

James Waddick
Wed, 12 Jan 2011 19:42:53 PST
Dear Friends,

	I have a dozen open blooms on Lapeirousa oreogena on a couple 
bulbs I got from Mark Mazer. He says my 'babies' are slightly ahead 
of the parent bulbs in North Carolina.…

	The color is an intense shade more blue than the picture 
suggests.  Jewel-like coloration and interesting foliage too.

	Total height maybe 4 inches, but at this time of year and 
with overnight temps down below 0 F and 7 inches of snow on the 
ground, I enjoy this little pot on the window sill.

	A few last bloom on Lachenalia allioides, too, a couple 
flowers on Ipheion uniflorum cvs, Both white and typical pink 
Tulbaghia simmleri (aka fragrans).  I am hoping to get these to 
synchronize enough to get cross pollination and seeds. I don't get 
seed on either alone.  Does anyone?

	A few non bulbous odds and ends. Even with outside tempers 
VERY cold, a few hours of sunshine makes it very toasty in the green 
house.		Best		Jim W.
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