Free Massonia Bulbs

Roy Herold
Sun, 24 Jul 2011 13:49:06 PDT
(sorry if you get this more than once--ibiblo is cranky today)

PBS friends,

Ordinarily I would send my excess massonia bulbs to the BX, but I'd like 
to handle thing a little differently this year. The quantities are 
rather small for general BX distribution, and I'd like to keep track of 
who gets what. One of these days the greenhouse heater will fail and 
I'll have to beg for replacements...

I'd like to get these into the hands of good growers. They range from 
common stuff to a bunch of unidentified (or misidentified) species. 
Looking at my list, there are around 18 different accessions up for 
grabs. Sources range from commercial to BX to boutique seed lists to my 
own collections. Most are between two and five years old.

Shipping is free, worldwide, but no phyto or permit. I don't explicitly 
ask for anything in return. If you'd like to send something in exchange, 
great, but this is optional.

You may not turn around and sell any of these on eBay or privately. You 
can do as you please with the offspring.

First dibs will go to paid up PBS members. I'll check with Arnold if 
there is any doubt.

If all this sounds reasonable, please e-mail me *privately* (DO NOT hit 
reply) for a list of what's available.

Fear not for the BX--I have over twenty different lots of massonia seeds 
ready to send to Dell.


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