Chilean desert plants

Shelley GAGE
Sun, 24 Jul 2011 18:35:20 PDT
Dear Jane,
I am most interested. I am trying to get leave organised for September but would have to be back at work on 3rd October in Queensland. If you get plenty of takers I would be happy to hire a second car. We met at Goudini many years ago.
Shelley Gage

On 25/07/11, Jane McGary <> wrote:
> There seems to be a consensus forming that there will be peak 
> flowering in northern Chile this coming Southern Hemisphere spring. I 
> enjoyed the previous Desierto Florido in 2002 and would love to go 
> back and replace my old slides with a digital album, along with the 
> sheer pleasure of exploring unfamiliar plants in a marvelous 
> landscape. I'm a little hesitant about posting this inquiry here, but 
> here goes:
> I'd like to find two or three traveling companions, at least one of 
> whom is willing to do a lot of driving (I have an eye problem that 
> makes me anxious about long highway driving). I'm willing to pay the 
> whole cost of the rental vehicle. The timeframe is between 
> mid-September and mid-October. I was there in mid to late October in 
> 2002 and saw nearly everything in flower, but some observers feel the 
> earlier time might be better. The Alstroemeria species do tend to 
> flower later. The travel arrangement is to fly to Santiago, take a 
> day or two to recover (the time zone is just one hour earlier than US 
> Eastern Time), pick up a vehicle, and head north on I-5 (yes, it's 
> called that there, just as on our west coast). I have a library of 
> reference books, including the wonderful booklet of botanical drives 
> and hikes, and I've been to the area twice.
> I'd like to make it clear that I'm NOT organizing a group tour with 
> me as leader. I'd just like some friends along, with more eyes on the 
> roadside and above the trail, and more voices to shout "Stop here!"
> I haven't looked yet to see how much airfare is now, but I'd expect 
> it to be around $1800 from the US west coast. Hotels are comparable 
> to US prices or a little lower; gas is more expensive; food is less 
> expensive. There are also campgrounds, but that means carrying a lot 
> of extra gear.
> If you're interested, please contact me soon, privately, at 
> <>.
> BEst regards,
> Jane McGary
> Portland, Oregon, USA
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