Another proposed name change

J.E. Shields
Tue, 14 Jun 2011 07:26:21 PDT
There are always going to be splitters and lumpers.  This is actually 
fortunate, as it allows us to pick whichever system we prefer!

What we need to avoid is lumping in ways that generate paraphyletic 
groups.  I've not been following the maneuvers in Hyacinthaceae, but I hope 
we can keep it simple.

I would like to see the full article, which is apparently not available to 
non-subscribers.  Maybe the senior author would make it available to 

Jim Shields

  Annals of Botany 107: 1­37, 2011 available
online at
Molecular phylogenetics of subfamily
Ornithogaloideae (Hyacinthaceae) based on nuclear
and plastid DNA regions, including a new
taxonomic arrangement by Mario Martínez Azorín,
Manuel B. Crespo, Ana Juan and Michael F. Fay

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