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> A number of years ago Julian Slade shared with us 
> a proposal to split Scilla up. Many years later 
> some of the changes have been accepted, but not 
> all of them. This kind of thing makes keeping the 
> wiki up to date very challenging. Then we had the 
> proposal to combine a lot of genera into 
> Ornithogalum (Albuca, Dipcadi, Galtonia, 
> Neopatersonia, and Pseudogaltonia). That wasn't 
> all accepted either. A new paper resurrected 
> Albuca, Dipcadi, and Pseudogaltonia, but not 
> Galtonia and Neopatersonia and took some of the 
> former Ornithogalum species and moved them to Albuca.
> Now Pam Slate has shared a new paper from 
> the Annals of Botany 107: 1–37, 2011 available 
> online at
> Molecular phylogenetics of subfamily 
> Ornithogaloideae (Hyacinthaceae) based on nuclear 
> and plastid DNA regions, including a new 
> taxonomic arrangement by Mario Martínez Azorín, 
> Manuel B. Crespo, Ana Juan and Michael F. Fay
> This paper concludes: "On the basis of the 
> phylogenetic analyses, 19 monophyletic genera are accepted within
> Ornithogaloideae: Albuca, Avonsera, Battandiera, 
> Cathissa, Coilonox, Dipcadi, Eliokarmos, Elsiea, Ethesia,
> Galtonia, Honorius, Loncomelos, Melomphis, 
> Neopatersonia, Nicipe, Ornithogalum, Pseudogaltonia,
> Stellarioides and Trimelopter. Each of these has 
> a particular syndrome of morphological characters. As a
> result, 105 new combinations are made and two new 
> names are proposed to accommodate the taxa studied in
> the new arrangement."
> Morphological characters are certainly easier for 
> most of us, but it seems like some kind of middle 
> ground between the lumpers and the splitters 
> would be nice. All this constant changing of 
> botanical names makes it harder to convince 
> people that they should use them. It used to be 
> that you could argue that using botanical names 
> assured that you were all taking about the same 
> thing. Now the common names last longer in many cases.
> Mary Sue
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