Anemone blanda

Ina Crossley
Wed, 22 Jun 2011 19:09:40 PDT
I grew it no problem when living in Wellington, which possibly would be 
about zone 8.  Wet winters with mild frost,  shortish summers.

Now I am in Auckland I tried it in the garden several times and lost 
them.   Except for one which got itself under the concrete path and came 
up for several years, flowering happily, until I tried to dig it up...

Now have some in a flower pot, which I bring out in spring when they 
start showing above the soil and are very happily flowering every 
spring.  But once they have died back I put them on some covered shelves 
out the back where they get no sun and no rain.

I start watering the pot early spring, being very sparing with the 
watering.  But once they are growing, I have them out in the open in the 

It would be interesting to know if anyone else can grow them.

Ina Crossley     where we are having so far a very mild autumn, and not 
much better for the start of the winter.

On 23/06/2011 1:21 p.m., Kathleen Sayce wrote:
> I know Anemone blanda is considered an easy bulb to grow. But not for me: I've managed to kill it off more times than I can recall, so I want to know who grows it successfully, year after year, and the details of the conditions in your garden, please.
> Kathleen
> PNW Coast, zone 8, cool summers, wet mild winters
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