Anemone blanda

Jane McGary
Wed, 22 Jun 2011 19:20:17 PDT
Kathleen on the Oregon coast wrote:
>I know Anemone blanda is considered an easy bulb to grow. But not 
>for me: I've managed to kill it off more times than I can recall, so 
>I want to know who grows it successfully, year after year, and the 
>details of the conditions in your garden, please.

It naturalizes by self-sowing in many Pacific Northwest gardens, 
usually in shady spots though I don't think it requires shade. I 
expect that poor drainage is what's causing Kathleen to lose it. It 
tolerates summer irrigation as long as the soil is well-drained.

I like to buy the kind offered as "Blue Shades" in Dutch bulb 
catalogs, though the white ones are pretty too. The so-called pink 
ones are not pleasing for me. When you get them, be sure to soak the 
tubers for about a day in room-temperature water before planting 
them; this will increase your chances of success a lot. It grows in a 
flat, half-sunny border and under an oak tree in my former garden, 
where the soil is very fast-draining, but in the new garden, which 
has heavy clay soil, I planted it on a slope with plenty of organic 
soil amendment.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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