Pacific BX 276

Diana Chapman
Thu, 09 Jun 2011 10:11:07 PDT
Just a note.  The O. comosa is incorrectly named.  I did sell an Oxalis 
that I called O. comosa, based on a name given by Michael Vassar.  It is 
not O. comosa.  I have the real O. comosa in my collection, and it is 
quite different.  The one offered here is probably a large form of O. 

Telos Rare Bulbs
> 4. Oxalis comosa, ex Telos, large yellow flowers
> 5. Oxalis luteola
> 6. Oxalis purpurea, yellow
> 7. Oxalis purpurea, salmon
> 8. Oxalis polyphylla v. heptaphylla

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