separating Brunsvigia seedlings

Hans-Werner Hammen
Thu, 09 Jun 2011 10:15:19 PDT


Alberto Castillo wrote: 
"Why to pot them in individual pots when there are so many years ahead to care after them before seeing flowers? Instead, plant them together in a really large container in which the ample root run will make them grow faster."
This advice is correct.
It makes a considerable difference for the welfare of the bulbs/plants WHETHER you concede for example 1 Liter of Substrate Volumen to one specimen VERSUS  10 Liters to 10 specimens. My recommendation is balcony boxes 50 or 60 cm in length, and not the cheapest brands but those that allow a substrate height of 15 cm. Small bulbs can be planted in two lines of upto 12 each, medium sized bulbs 6 to 8 per line, and bigger bulbs 6 per box.

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