Ledebouria socialis...maybe?

aaron floden aaron_floden@yahoo.com
Fri, 25 Mar 2011 20:44:59 PDT
 Here is the Huntington link when "Miner" was introduced. It is described as dwarf and with more silver maculation, really green spots on silver. I don't grow this, but would like to. I have about 10 clones of socialis (violacea, pauciflora/paucifolia, etc) and a single with provenance collection. The last is the only one to set seed regularly. Would love to trade for L. "Miner." 

 I have found several of my socialis clones grow with enough warmth if water is provided. Others, the pauciflora thing, seem to like to be dormant for the winter no matter what I try.

 The genus is under review! And will still need a lot more reviewing. I have a disk of hundreds of in situ photos from a few people in SA that show several undescribed species. In my continually growing collection I would think I have most of the S-African species represented, but the variation within a species is puzzling and the available keys don't work for me. For example; the first plant I had flower this year I attempted to key using Venter's thesis. It keyed, when fresh to L. luteola which it clearly is not. Once that same plant dries out it loses a diagnostic character (or gains it!) because the leaf and bulb threads disappear when dry, but are present when fresh.... 


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Dave S and all,
    I am still in the dark here. Please review what this 'Miner' 
form of L. "socialis" (or whatever it is ) is.

    I do have the old pauciflora and would be glad to make an 
exchange for 'Miner'.

    Aaron Floden usually keeps current on these - any reply from Aaron?

    This genus and its close relatives needs a thorough review or 
is it just me?

        Best        Jim W.

ps Is there a wiki entry for 'Miner' ?


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