Which Brunsvigia?

jim lykos jimlykos@bigpond.com
Thu, 26 May 2011 00:00:07 PDT
Hi Ina,

Mary Sue may well have identified your Brunsvigia species if it is a 
Brunsvigia - but there is an alternative that looks identical to your 
Brunsvigia. Its the F1 cross between Amaryllis and Brunsvigia josephinea. 
F2 back crosses between the resulting F1 Amarygia's begin to produce larger, 
more colourful  and more robust Amaryllis look alikes.

Jim Lykos
Blue Mountains Sydney

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>A few months ago I was given a bulb which was labelled "Brunsvigia
> Radulosa".  It is now getting leaves so I looked it up on the Wiki and
> the leaves are all wrong for that.
> The guy has sent me some photos of it from last season and said I can
> use them for the PBS mailing list.
> I have made the photos available to friends which I presume means those
> I send the link to.  I hope this link show all 3 photos.
> http://flickr.com/photos/plantlover/…
> Ina in wet and miserable weather in New Zealand
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