... two aroid notes -Dracunculus.

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 26 May 2011 03:43:41 PDT
>  the Sauromatum are blooming, too, and their stealth stench is 
>making itself evident here and there in the garden. I grow a lot of 
>various aroids, and it intrigues me that they each seem to have 
>their own brand of stink.

Dear PBSers and all,
	A few weeks ago we had a couple discussions of the 
'uber-stinky' Helicodiceros or Dead Horse Arum, now another smelly 
addition and another due soon. Although I grow Sauromatum venosum, it 
is not very hardy for me although others nearby grow it in the ground 
with some certainty. Numerous times I'd forget that there was a tuber 
in a pot stored in the garage, then wonder come spring what 'died' 
only to find the offending bulb in flower and move it outside.

	At least half a dozen spathes have emerged in various clumps 
of Dracunculus vulgaris. These amaze me at their hardiness coming 
from quite Mediterranean homes they do very nicely from seed or as 
moved tubers. The spathe is a huge blood red/brown color with a 
darker long spadix well illustrated at


	Although the plant can reach to almost 6 ft, it is closer to 
3 ft in my garden. Foliage varies from all green to bearing 
silvery-white 'chevrons' (all shown on the wiki).  I expect to smell 
the open flowers before I see them in the next week or two.

	This is a plant I'd recommend both for its inherent beauty 
and the special nature of its bloom for a couple days in mid-spring.
			Best		Jim W.
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