Dead Horse Arum

Boyce Tankersley
Thu, 12 May 2011 09:37:43 PDT
Hi Jim:

My dead horse arum started to bloom about a month ago - in the basement
under lights.  As the basement is part of the air circulation system for our
house (I discovered) it got moved outdoors promptly where it has not
appreciated the cooler temps. Afraid the bloom never fully opened ... I
think I will count my blessings and enjoy the foliage. Given Jim's
recommendation I think I will trial it in the ground - far away from the
patio/back door.  It is 'potent'.

Boyce Tankersley
Chicago, Illinois

 'Today my Dead Horse Arum started to bloom out doors on a
> sunny west facing slope. Helicodiceros muscivorous is a Mediterranean
> native that for all intents should not be hardy in my climate. See

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