Calochortus at Salt Point State Park

Bob Rutemoeller
Wed, 11 May 2011 09:39:55 PDT
In California many of our state parks have been closed due to severe budget
problems. Some state park parking areas and many rest rooms are closed until
July this year, but you can still have access to the beautiful coastal parts
by parking along Highway One, the main coastal route through Sonoma and
Mendocino counties where we live.

Last week our local hiking group wandered along the northern part of Salt
Point State Park and found thousands of Calochortus tolmiei in bloom.

We had parked around mile marker 44 and hiked down toward and along the
coast. Also spotted some Grey Whales at our lunch stop migrating north.
The Calochortus seem to be more plentiful this year. There are also some
Lillium maritimum along Hwy One that should also be starting to bloom very

Just wanted to share one of our local wonders with any of you able to visit
our northern California coast.

Bob Rutemoeller

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