Dead Horse Arum

James Waddick
Thu, 19 May 2011 21:24:18 PDT
>I've had two Helicodicerous for several years, one kindly provided by
>James and one from a nice person on another plant list.

Dear Leo,
	Glad to hear your tuber has grown well for you.

	On 5/11 I posted that one of my tubers outside actually 
survived and bloomed. Even after a -12 low this winter.  I think you 
should be able to grow your plant outdoors all the time. It is native 
to the Eastern Mediterranean and is subject to very warm summers. 
Mine is in almost full sun, but you might go for less than all day 
sun there. I think most sources rate them Zone 7 or 8.

	My potted plant - wintered in a cool, frost free greenhouse - 
is in a ten gallon black nursery pot. Although it came up a few weeks 
before my outdoor plant, it did not bloom this year. My plant in a 
pot always makes lots of extra tubers. My potted plant did not bloom 
this year.

	As for getting seed take a look at the wiki page for a good 
summary of pollination strategy for this species. Very interesting.…

>I have been told they need more winter cooling than Phoenix gets and that
>I should dig them in the fall, put them moist in the refrigerator for a
>few weeks, and plant out again when they sprout roots. I wish I had time
>to try this. The past few winters we have had a lot of cold (by our
>standards) with sporadic freezes to the low 20s F / -5C. I left them
>outside and they have done well.

	I think this should be great for them outdoors in the ground.

	My Dracunculus are just forming flowers now and they'll be in 
full bloom in a week or so. Another garden 'stinker', but extremely 
interesting. I think I'll have about 6 flowers scattered around the 
garden. Even this does not insure pollination, but I hope to get at 
least one seed feed form.

	Good luck and hope you try one of yours outside. 
	Best		Jim W.
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