What's blooming Week of 2 November

Linda Foulis lmf@beautifulblooms.ab.ca
Thu, 03 Nov 2011 06:26:23 PDT

Well, nothing is blooming outdoors right now as we've had several heavy
frosts and threats of snow the last couple of days.  The malvas hung in like
troopers though.
Indoors is really picking up - just about all of my hippie hybrids are
blooming or showing signs of bloom.  Orange Sovereign - one of my favourites
- is in full glorious bloom.  Minerva just finished.  
Ledebouria socialis is in full bloom for the second time this year.  I
thought for sure this was a goner as it was outdoors when we had our worst
hail storm this year and it was hit hard.  It seems to have had the opposite
effect and is now filling the pot with offsets.  

Linda Foulis
Red Deer, AB  Canada
Supposed to have flurries today (sigh).  At least it is November and not

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