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Robin Carrier
Thu, 03 Nov 2011 06:35:44 PDT
what i did notice was an email from you that gave 4 different possibilities 
for contact with PBS? and i would  like to have it xplained:

managers has created a new version of the PBS home page.

In this new version it is very clear that there are two
organizations: The paid membership that receives 'The Bulb Garden' .
BX offerings and much more

, and this free online list

The new home page also has some new links and includes pix
from the recent meeting hosted by Nhu Nguyen…  if
you want to see pix of some fellow members.

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> >i'm sorry but it isn't clear to me what you  were telling us.  thanks
>>robin carrier
> Dear Robin,
> You may not have noticed, but our PBS home page was far less
> clear a week ago.
> Our web crew devised a new home page that make things very
> clear. If you don't see anything odd, that's a good thing. We have a
> corps of dedicated volunteers that keeps our web and wiki viable and
> timely.
> Glad you didn't notice...... Best Jim
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