non-glaucous foliage of xBrunsdonna

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 18:02:51 PST
I have several pots of what I believe to be my own xBrunsdonnas ... Brunsvigia josephinae X Amaryllis belladonna, from 2008 seed.  As I recall, the seeds themselves looked like all the other B.josephinae seed, but the foliage is non-glaucous and more greenish-yellow like the Amaryllis pollen parent than bluish-green like the Brunsvigia seed parent.   Also, unlike the reverse cross where the bulbs grow large and seem disinclined to offset or split, it seems the little bulbs have split/offset ... a lot!   Is this normal for this cross ... with Brunsvigia as the seed parent?  I was repotting to larger pots this past weeked and all of pots I had labelled as B.josephinae X A.belladonna display this same morphology.
Ken Blackford
San Diego

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