It's driving me crazy

Robin Carrier
Fri, 25 Nov 2011 07:21:08 PST

i looked it up in OUR dictionary and it gave GRAY as the  spelling of that 
word.  sometimes children repudiate the  idiosyncrasies of the parent and 
are better for it.

robin carrier

wonder if our zones are  the same.
beaufort, sc, usa - zone 8b

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> Jim Waddick wrote:-
>>SNIP> THe word  is spelled MORAEA not Morea. Get it?
>> It will be much easier to spell and find all the info on the
>> wiki if it is spelled correctly.
>> JEEZ ! done venting Jim W<SNIP>
> Must have woken up with a headache!
> If I were a member of the List for whom English was not my mother tongue I
> might just be slightly offended.
> To ease their feelings in that direction they should be aware that Jim 
> comes
> from a nation that persists in spelling the colour "grey" as "gray"!
> David Nicholson
> in Devon, UK, Zone 9b
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