It's driving me crazy

J.E. Shields
Fri, 25 Nov 2011 07:26:54 PST
Grey/gray?  Colour/color?  Something about 1776, as I recall....

For Ian's benefit, while I never looked into the etymological basis of 
American usage of "Fall" to mean "Autumn," I have always assumed it was 
short for "Leaf-fall."  I leave it to Jim McK. to fill us in definitively 
on this point.

Jim S.

At 10:21 AM 11/25/2011 -0500, you wrote:
>i looked it up in OUR dictionary and it gave GRAY as the  spelling of that
>word.  sometimes children repudiate the  idiosyncrasies of the parent and
>are better for it.
>robin carrier
>wonder if our zones are  the same.
>beaufort, sc, usa - zone 8b

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