New import rules (Canada)

Michael Mace
Wed, 16 Nov 2011 08:55:31 PST
Linda wrote:

>>Has anyone heard if there are new import laws to bring seed into Canada,
specifically clivia seed? 

I'm sorry to hear about your lost shipment.  That must be incredibly

I'm not a Canadian, but have spent many happy weeks there on vacation, so
perhaps that qualifies me to comment  ;-)

I did a check online and can't find any information about a phyto
requirement for imports of small lots of seed into Canada.  In fact,
everything I can find says you *don't* need a phyto.  For example, there is
an article here:…

And the applicable regulation here:…

If I read the regulations correctly, your Clivia seeds should have been
treated as a large-seeded crop and allowed in if under 5 kg.  I think Brian
may be right that the regulators thought they were bulbs.

I don't know how to avoid that problem in the future, other than making sure
the package is prominently labeled "seeds of large-seeded crop" or something
like that.

San Jose, CA

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