New import rules (Canada)

Linda Foulis
Wed, 16 Nov 2011 15:30:58 PST

I am thinking as well that it was an agent that didn't really know what he
had in front of him.  I probably wouldn't be as miffed about this if I had
purchased the seed, however it was a gift from the Abel's in S. Africa and I
very much value the plants I've grown from their seed.  I KNOW it was
packaged carefully and correctly, but if the seed had already sprouted....
I find it funny as well that I received clivia seed from the US about a
month ago and it arrived moldy.  

I am still attempting to get a hold of the agent that handled it, he did put
his number on the form.  As to whether or not our import rules have changed,
can't get a straight answer on that either.  I've talked to 4 different
people and got a different answer from each.  

I consoled myself by going out and buying two new hippeastrum hybrids -
Lemon Sorbet and Prelude.  

Linda Foulis
Red Deer, AB   Canada

-17C tonight, Yuck!

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